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Prince Kaybee Responds To Nota Claiming ‘Fetch Your Life’ Beat Belongs To Calvin Harris

Prince Kaybee Respond To Nota Claiming ‘Fetch Your Life’ Beat Belongs To Calvin Harris. House music DJ Prince Kaybee has responded to Nota Baloyi’s claims over his hit single, ‘Fetch Your Life‘.

This comes after Nota posted a video on social media attacking the Afro pop singer, Msaki and Prince Kaybee got caught in the crossfire when Nota claimed that the beat they used on their hit song does not belong to the them. Baloyi claimed that the song is a replay song and it became a hit because of that. “Fetch Your Life is a song… The beat was taken from Calvin Harris. Prince Kaybee took a Calvin Harris song, replayed it, simple, it’s a hit. Anything you write on that Calvin Harris song it’s gone. That’s what ‘Fetch Your Life’ is. ‘Fetch Your Life’ is a Calvin Harris’s song,” said Nota.

The music manager also stated that he has bigger hits in comparison to ‘Fetch Your Life’. “You write songs, I write songs too. I’ve got bigger songs than ‘Fetch Your Life,” Nota said in the video.

Prince Kaybee addressed these claims made by Nota saying that he can attack the Afro-pop singer Msaki all he wants and must not involve the song they made together, ‘Fetch your life’ and claim that the song belongs to Calvin Harris. Kaybee explains that what Nota is saying is not justifiable. “LOL Nota my friend, you can attack Msaki all you want but this claim that ‘Fetch Your Life’ is a Calvin Harris beat is unjustifiable. You are reaching”, tweeted Prince Kaybee.

The House DJ denied the claims made by Nota and asked people to attach the song by Calvin Harris that Nota Baloyi was referring to. “Someone please attach the Calvin Harris song and it’s composition merits that commensurate Fetch Your Life. Thanks”, Prince Kaybee tweeted.

Fans and supporters took it to Twitter comments to defend Prince Kaybee and are certain that what Nota Baloyi is saying might not be true.

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