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Skye Wanda Addresses Critics Claiming To Not Know Her Following Her Metro FM Award Win

Skye Wanda addresses critics claiming to not know her following her Metro FM award win. House music singer and songwriter popularly known as Skye Wanda called out social media critics who were not pleased by her recent win.

Skye Wanda was recognized at the Metro FM awards that took place last weekend. The singer bagged an award as she was nominated under the category of Best House Song. Skye Wanda was nominated with the most outstanding house music artists under that category. Following her win, social media shared their opinions about her win and claimed she does not deserve the award since her music is not very much known.

Skye Wanda stepped onto the spotlight with a song that she was featured on titled Forever by music DJ Sithelo Shozi. The singer has since been releasing music and collaborating with South Africa’s most outstanding artists including Zakes Bantwini and DJ Tira.

Addressing the critics, the singer shared that she understands that there are a lot of musicians and people can not know them all. She also shared that the least that critics can do is search for her name on the internet to get an idea of who she is. The singer urged the people who kept on saying they do not know her or her music to do their research before they add their opinions on certain matters.

“It’s a lot of us musicians out here and you can’t know everyone right. What I normally do when a lot of people are talking about someone I don’t know, because in this day and age we are blessed with morden tech. I go on the internet and search that name. Google will change your life with the amount of info you can find. So to those who keep saying “we don’t know her”, “who’s this”, use the internet. Make it your friend”, Skye Wanda wrote.

The singer took it upon herself to re-introduce herself to those who are not familiar with her or her music. “The name is Nonhle Aretha Mhlongo aka Skye Wanda and I make beautiful soul lifting music for a living with the gift God gave me. Don’t deprive yourself, I love you all”, Skye Wanda shared.

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