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Twitter Reacts To DJ Zinhle Choosing Not To Go To Durban Following AKA’s Passing

Twitter reacts to DJ Zinhle choosing not to go to Durban following AKA’s passing. House music DJ, DJ Zinhle was criticized following her decision of not going to Durban yet due to AKA’s shooting. 

Speaking to the publication TimesLive, DJ Zinhle spoke about AKA’s incident and how she chose not to visit Durban because of what happened to the father of her child. The father of her child, late rapper AKA was shot opposite a restuarant on the 10th of February 2023 in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

DJ Zinhle shared that she was supposed to have a performance at the Fact Durban Rocks during Durban July but chose not to attend. She also shared that thinking about the place brings her so much anxiety. She further added saying she does not think she will visit the city anytime soon.

“I cannot lie to you guys, I’m not ready for Durban. Emotionally I’m not ready at all. I get a little anxious thinking about being in Durban. It’s going to be a while before I can be in Durban. I’m going through the most. Forget about seeing me in Durban. It’s not even that I’m mad at Durban. It’s just hard. It’s only been three months since Kiernan died so maybe with time. But I’m hoping I never change my mind”, said DJ Zinhle.

After making trends list, tweeps added their opinions about the DJ’s decision. Whilst others were judging and criticizing her decision others shared that they understand where she was coming from. They shared that she made the right choice and that she needs to take some time to heal from losing her baby daddy. Her fans did validate her feelings.

“This woman has a child with this man, her pain is not only directed to him but to her child as well. A person of a child losing their father takes a toll on parents as well, her child’s pain is her pain. I don’t understand why people make it about AKA”, a tweep said.

DJ Zinhle did not pay any attention to the critics and has not addressed the matter.

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