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WATCH! DJ Sbu Discloses His Nationality

DJ Sbu discloses his nationality. House music DJ and podcaster DJ Sbu revealed new information about himself and and his origins.

Speaking on his recent podcast episode , DJ Sbu gave reasons on why people from other Africans countries come to South Africa. Whilst detailing on that, the DJ also shared that he is actually Swati as his biological father is from Swaziland.

The DJ also revealed that the surname he is currently using is not his original surname. DJ Sbu’s introduced himself to the people as Sibusiso Leope. It turns out that his biological surname is Nkosi and not Leope. He stated that he took the surname Leope from the man that raised him. He shared how grateful he is to the man that raised him and shared his tribute since he passed.

“I’m originally Swati as well, according to my biological father, Nkosi can you believe that and may his soul rest in peace. May father Leope rest in peace who brought me up, whom I regard as my father. He basically brought me up after getting married to my mom. And when he met my mom she already had me and he was like this is gonna be my boy, I’m gonna bring him up. I’ll forever be grateful for the life that father Leope gave me… “, said DJ Sbu.

DJ Sbu’s fans seemed to not be astonished by this new piece of information. “There’s no shocker there brother”, a tweep said.

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