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Aewon Wolf Explains Why He Never Wants To Leave Durban

Aewon Wolf Explains why he has no plans of leaving Durban. It always makes sense for an artist to leave their city and come to Jozi to chase their dreams but Aewon Wolf figured that he could live his dreams without having to leave his city.

The rapper is hella influential and it’s also clear that he gets a lot of love from his city. Aewon is involved in a lot of the moves made by the members of the Wolf Pack.

“I love Durban, so I don’t want to leave,” says Aewon. “I just don’t like the vibes that I get when I’m in Joburg for too long. I feel that, when you’re there, you get caught up and focus on the wrong things. It’s just so business-orientated – meeting after meeting – where here the focus is more on the music.”

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