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DJ Sbu Details Why He Decided To Shut Down TS Records

DJ Sbu has opened up about why he decided to shut down his record label, TS Records. The star totally rubbished the story that came out in The Sunday World about how they were closing down because they had failed to pay taxes.

Speaking to DESTINY, Dj Sbu explained how they decided to close down the record label because he didn’t have the time to run a record label and his business partner all didn’t have time because he is now the ANC treasurer-general in Ekurhuleni.

“TK is currently the ANC treasurer-general in Ekurhuleni and is busy on the ground with the people, with communities… It’s not that we have outgrown the record company, but he is not inspired to make music right now or to look for any new artists. I do not have the time to run a record company,” explained DJ Sbu.

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