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DJ Zinhle And Brendan Naidoo’s Relationship Isn’t All Sweet,Smooth And Rosy

DJ Zinhle has been in a relationship with Businesman and accused fraudster Brendan Naidoo for almost a year now, the two have been seen in so many occasions looking good and in love together. When Brendan was accused of fraud, most people were certain that the two will call it quits. To everyone’s surpise Zinhle stood by her man and even bailed him out. Their love has been all over Social Media, making most people envious at how much they love each other. Brendan often post how much he loves Zinhle and how she is a blessing to him. With all that said, one would conclude that their relationship is smooth and sweet.

An anonymous source revealed shocking details to Sunday World about the couple’s relationship. It was stated that the two have been on and off lately, “She’s nursing a broken heart. Kaloku, Zinhle moved out of her Sandton rental in Bryanston because her fraudster boyfriend was supposedly building her a house. Kanti, dololo house,” said the source to Sunday World. It was also revealed that Zinhle has been living with friend Pearl Thusi in the meantime until she finds the place of her own.

This reports shocked everyone since Friday Brendan posted a sweet post expressing his love for Zinhle on instagram as if all was smooth and rosy when instead it was rough and rocky.

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