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Details On Arthur And Cici’s Court Cases

It’s been over a month since the two musicians Arthur and Cici were reported to have been physically abusive towards each other. The two laid charges of assault against each other and both of their cases were set to take place this month.

Their cases got postponed by the Midrands Magistrate Court. Arthur’s was postponed to the 18th whereas of Cici’s was postponed to the 22nd of August. When Arthur was asked for comment regarding the case by TshisaLive he didn’t respond. “I would rather not comment and just want to go to court to clear my name,”he said.

Cici on the other hand expressed in an interview a while back that “Before being an artist I am human. I saw no shame in saying this is what happened to me. I need to show people that they must speak up for themselves.”

The singer even went as far as releasing a single titled Iqiniso where she expressed all her alleged agonizing experience with her former lover and boss Mafokate. Arthur has been standing by his words all thus while by repeatedly saying that he is an innocent man.

Cici was walking in crutches when she got to court and was accompanied by her sister and publicist. She refused to comment.

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