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Mgarimbe And DJ Twitty Fire Shots At Each Other On Twitter

Sister Bethina hitmaker Mgarimbe is currently in a feud with Dj Twitty, a young man that requested his permission to remix his old hit song Sister Bethina. Mgarimbe told the Dj that it is not his decision to make, the song doesn’t belong to him anymore but to South Africans. Twitty then took it to twitter to write a statement requesting South Africans to remix the song. People had their different reactions towards his request. He tried to convince those totally against the remix that he will make best of it and will release a teaser to give them an idea of what he wants to do the song which he plans to make a hit.

Now the DJ and Mgarimbe are at each other’s throats about the song, it has even got the point where Twitty said that he gave Mgarimbe’s career new life and that Mgarimbe is seeking for attention “But I’m glad he’s getting all this attention using my name and I wish him all the best — I just gave his career new life. I was taught that real G’s (gangsters) don’t empty laundry in public. People must be careful of one-sided stories. That’s all I can say” Said DJ Twitty speaking to TshisaLive.

The Sister Bethina hitmaker wrote on twitter that Twitty ‘remixed’ his girlfriend and now wanted to remix his song. “It is funny because he used to be big in Durban a few years ago. Now he is nowhere. I have just performed in Zimbabwe and I perform across the country. So‚ I think it is him who is using my name. It is disrespectful‚” Mgarimbe said.

In conclusion, Mgarimbe said that he will not give the song any of his blessings because it doesn’t include him.“He did the remix and then approached me to get my approval. I looked at the artwork and saw that he did not include me. I was disappointed and angry because he thought he could make a song piggybacking off my name. It is disrespectful and I will never give it my blessing‚” Mgarimbe said.

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