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Andile Gumbi Speaks About King Kong Musical Theatre Play

Make no plans and get lost in pure ecstasy as you watch the legendary Play King Kong in Joburg Theatre , the play commenced Tuesday last week and will take place until the 8th of October. King Kong is a play that was introduced in the public back in the 1950’s, it has been redone a number of times over the years but it still tells the same story in the most entertaining & educational way.

Andile Gumbi who is part of the cast set to dazzle the stage spoke of how the whole experience has been for him and added more details regarding the show and what the audience can anticipate.

“The response from younger people in the audience is interesting because the new version is more of a reimagining than a retelling,” he said.
Most people may know Andile from a drama series Isibaya while others may remember him from another famous play The Lion King. In the play he plays the role Ezekiel “King Kong” Dlamini.Ezekiel is a troubled heavyweight boxing star from KwaZulu-Natal who arrives in Soweto to make his fortune, but ends up in a gang and then in prison.

You can tell from that brief intro of how fascinating the play is. According to City Press publication The jazz musical is directed by Todd Matshikiza and lyrics by Pat Williams. King Kong has toured the country for two years and was seen by more than 200 000 South Africans before making it’s way to London.

The crew explained the hard word put into the play, that the cast members rehearse from dawn till dusk.
The new and re-written version of King Kong is far more fascinating and the audience of this generation relates to it. It shows more power from women and details violence in the morden society. The play hasn’t changed at all, they adjusted few notches in order to meet the audience’s interest while also addressing the issues from the past.

King Kong is currently at the Joburg Theatre until the 8th of October, it is set to take off to Cape Town due to peoples demands.

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