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DJ Tira On Babes Wodumo’s USB Stunt

DJ Tira admitted that the stunt Babes Wodumo pulled about the USB worked well for her judging from the reception the Single Ganda Ganda is getting. The Afrotainment boss said that the Wololo hitmaker paved a good way for her song and that it got people’s attention which is a good thing for someone in the music industry. According to him it doesn’t matter what people say as long as they are talking about you. By this Statement the Malume hitmaker is claiming that what Babes Wodumo did was indeed a stunt as most people suspected at first.

“It worked wonders for her. The game at the moment is all about getting people to notice you. What was most important was for people to know that she was releasing a song and have people listen to it. If people are talking about you, you’re doing something right. It doesn’t matter. It is working for her and if it continues working for her than it doesn’t matter what people say. People will always talk but she is doing very well at the moment and doesn’t care,” Tira said.

The Qgom queen posted a video clip on Social Media alerting fans that she had a lost a USB that had the Ganda Ganda single that wasn’t officially released yet.She said people told her they heard a song on a certain taxi rank in Durban and informed her. There were news surrounding the release of Ganda Ganda where two males from Durban claimed that the song is actually theirs. The issue got serious, no updates have been reported about yet.


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