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Black Coffee Currently Working On A Song With Rihanna

DJ Black Coffee is currently working on a song with US star Rihanna on a single which will be featured in her upcoming album. The DJ has been in America working with the big names in the music industry such as Usher, Cassie and Diddy. He revealed the news in an interview on Metro FM days back. He explained that Rihanna’s team approached him while he was working with US Star Cassie to ask if they could use one of his songs for the star’s album.

Adding to the explanation he said that after he sent them some songs for consideration, they asked about the one he had recorded for Cassie because “Rihanna wants that one”. Black Coffee was obliged to turned them down but promised to work on a new song for them. He expressed how he is freaked out about the whole experience.  “It freaks me out. They are still waiting,” he said.

The We Dance Again hitmaker said that US producer Swizz Beatz, told him that he wanted the SA DJ to record a song for Jay-Z’s album 4:44. “Swizz reached out and said Jay is looking for one song before he concludes his album. It freaked me out. I am in Milan, I couldn’t sleep. He literally called me: ‘I spoke to Jay. Jay wants a song.’ I couldn’t sleep. Then I didn’t work. I couldn’t. How do you produce a song for Jay -Z? He kept saying: Ýo, man. I’m waiting’. I think I failed him but subconsciously I think I wanted to. I wasn’t ready,” he added.

The DJ Further explained that his concern was that so many of the producers Jay-Z had used before had a list of beats ready and would just walk into studio with Jay and play 20 beats for him to choose one. He instead liked to craft the track with the person. “I don’t work like that. I am like let’s do a song. What tempo? I’m not one of those producer who goes to studio everyday and have a list of songs to play people,” he said.

The song he made with Usher is set to release soon.


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