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Euphonik On His Trip To Amsterdam

Euphonik is set to fly SA flag in Amsterdam in the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) this month. ADE is a five-day electronic music conference and festival held annually in mid-October and this year SA’s very own Euphonik will be representing SA by showcasing his musical skills to the crowd of different from all across the world and giving them a taste of South African music.

The conference is so huge it offers 7,000 people from across the world the chance to network and party in the playgrounds at night. The main aim is to have fun and Euphomik will be performing in different cities across the country and he couldn’t be more happier.

“Although I’ve played in The Netherlands before, it is my first time attending the Amsterdam Dance  Event (ADE). Besides the networking and playing four shows, I’m super excited about the prospects of  growing the Euphonik brand of music beyond our borders and showcasing South African music.”

Any person from any part of the world is welcome to the event, DJs from across the globe perform back to back to give the audiences five best nights of their lives as they dance to the electro and dance music sounds. Follow the link below to get a glimpse of how crazy.

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