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Tiffany Rosebud Releases New Single Soul Candi ft. Da Capo

Download: Tiffany Rosebud – Soul Candi ft. Da Capo. US artist Tiffany Rosebud has dropped an amazingly mastered piece of work titled Soul Candi in collaboration with South African’s very own DJ Da Capo.

The work these two made is truly outstanding, the vocals, instruments and beats just cut straight to the heart. Soul Candi fused A Deep and Afro House sounds, with De Capo behind the production it sure isn’t a surprise that the song is so beautifully crafted.

In short, Tiffany is a songbird that hail from California, Bay also known as TR. She has an array of musical talents from song writing to arranging and even producing. Her musical inspiration comes from things that are going on around her and in the world, as well as an admired spiritual connection. She found her niche in the Soulful House genre after beginning her studio experience in the R&B/Hip Hop/Neo-Soul genres.

Soul Candi is a soulful love-inspired song that will keep the hearts of many people warm.


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