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Meet DJ Black Coffee’s Copycat Who Calls Himself DJ Ricoffy

Black Coffee is more admired than you think!

Meet DJ Black Coffee’s Copycat Who Calls Himself DJ Ricoffy. It has been proven once again that Black Coffee is indeed one of SA’s living legend when a certain 26-year old male Emmanuel Ramaliba  who looks so much like him came into picture. The young man speaks of how he is inspired by Black Coffee and looks up to him as his role model. When DJ Black Coffee shared the image of Emmanuel on twitter it shook a lot of people.

“All my life I’ve been told, like everywhere I went, that I really look like Black Coffee. Then one day as I was setting up to play at some place outside my town, one guy shouted ‘Hey DJ Ricoffy!’ and it stuck. I’m not just Black Coffee’s look-alike, I’m following in his steps,” said the DJ Ricoffy speaking to TshisaLIVE.

Emmanuel explained that his love for music began when he was still a teenager and would see him following DJs around. He was them inspired to teach himself how to DJ.

“Now I am a DJ, I am doing well. I started in 2010 and I’ve been doing that in between other things, like school. I am focusing on music now and have a few gigs that have helped me get my name out. I would love to end up in Joburg playing at big clubs but I just haven’t found an in yet.”

He added that he aspired to be like the “the great” DJ Black Coffee and his biggest dream would be to meet him.

“That man is a living legend. He is a hard worker who is an inspiration to many and to be seen by him gave me so much joy. I do wish to meet him, as that would be a dream come true for me and to talk to him would mean everything to me.”

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