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Professor Comments On Rumours That He’s Opening A Church

Professor explains why he says his latest album was composed by Jesus

Professor Comments On Rumours That He’s Opening A Church. Musician Mkhonzeni Langa popularly known as Professor speaks of his aim of making music further adding the inspiration he gets from writing his songs especially the ones from the previous album titled ‘Composed By Jesus’.

The album may carry a strong religious title but Professor said it was not a gospel album and slammed claims that he was planning to open a church.

“It has a lot of genres and sounds in it. Something to make you think, something to make you dance. It is an album about what is going on in the streets and there is maybe one or two songs that are quite serious. But it is not a gospel album.”

“Some churches only have 60 people. We as artists have an audience of thousands. We must not shy away. We must speak how we feel.”

He went on to explain the reasons why he makes music.

“There is something there when I write. I don’t make music for fun. I want to tell a message. People always ask me how I write songs that touch people and I honestly believe that it is Jesus. My music, my album…they are produced by Jesus. I could have written a song but I decided to dedicate my album to it,” said Unobenga hitmaker.

“I have put so much of Jesus into my life and someone shouldn’t judge how I praise. It is not up to them to decide that. I want to honour Jesus with this album and that is it,” he added.



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