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Sho Madjozi And Bongo Maffin To Join Khuli Chana On Stage At Live One Source Music Fest.

Khuli Chana on his role as a superhero

Rapper Khuli Chana is set to dazzle the stage of Joburg 1 Eloff in down town on 24 March 2018 on the biggest music festival One Source Live. Joining the artist on stage will be Bongo Maffin, Patoranking, Sho Madjozi and Dj Maphorisa.

Speaking to Channel 24 which is patnership with the OSL campaign he expressed his views on what does being a part of this African themed event means to him.

“African art & creativity represents a mouthpiece for the voiceless, a science of peace, a yearning for freedom, a signal of non-violence, a spirit of “Botho” (togetherness). One that is pure and original to its root. African creativity also means finding new ways to redefine and define how the world sees Africa as a whole. As you know, we (Africans) are generally viewed as inferior to the Western world so it is very important for us to find a voice of our own and embrace who we are and where we come from, without any fear or embarrassment, using our creativity & art as a tool of communication that in turn promotes peace across the globe.”

He further spoke of his role on the One Source Live movement.

“OSL is a party with a purpose. The whole aim is to redefine the existing concepts about African creativity and art as well as how the world views us through music, fashion, photography and art in general. My role is that of a Dragon, a powerful legendary creature that spits fire. Now as you know I’m in the music industry and my legendary power essentially lies in my voice that spits “fire” into the rhythms and rhymes I rap on – so my role essentially is to spread the power of African art and creativity through music as I have been doing all along, just on a larger scale this time around in partnership with the brand. ”

And this is what fans can expect from the star on the 24th of March.

“On Saturday, 24 March at the festival, what you can expect is really a buffet of art. I will be curating the main stage (music) and my performance will be collaborative driven with a 20+ piece band, directed by the world renowned MD, Hlubi Kwebulana, where we will be bringing out the heavyweights of African music that have collaborated with me. The crowd can expect to be blown away by acts such as: Patoranking, Da L.E.S, JR, Nothsi, Morafe, Parlotones, MDB (my latest signing) and many other big acts that will come out as a surprise on the day to rock the set with me. So I urge everyone to come out there and come experience a mind-blowing tech filled production. It will essentially be a festival of colour, celebrating African creativity! ”

Ticket information for one source live:

Ticket prices are R250 (early bird), R290 (General Access) and VIP table bookings will be available starting at R6000.

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