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Black Coffee Drops New Single Titled Muyè (Remix)

Download: Black Coffee - Muyè (Remix)

Black Coffee Drops New Single Titled Muyè (Remix). Despite the controversy that has been recently surrounding the DJ Black Coffee it wasn’t enough to let him sink and not give his fans that great music he is known to deliver. The DJ has now dropped a new single titled Muye a real dope remix made to keep everyone jolly and free. The way this remix is lit it will sure hypnotise all those who spoke to be against his visit to Israel.

The original song ‘Muye’ had been a creation of musicians Rampa, Adam Port, & ME of Keinemusik. Knowing his musiack talent DJ Black Coffee just sprinkled enough magic to raise it status way up high. This is the DJs first 2018 release even though he has done countless live performances of fresh stuff while overseas.

Muye (Remix) is not just a regular single it delivers piano instrumentals as well as amazing vocal chant that just makes it pure perfection.

The song represents the stage where Black Coffee is right now in his career as a world famous sensation but one who is still deeply rooted in his pride as an African child.

“1st time I heard Muyè I was blown away by it,it’s simplicity as well as its power,I love the vocal chant and the piano chords,loved how free and unpredictable they were….I immediately asked if I could do a remix.Its Finally here.
My Remix represents who I am right now.A deeply rooted African Artist who’s travelled the World and been inspired by many other sounds and different Music Cultures.“ Black Coffee said of “Muyè (Remix)”

To Download The Single Click On The Link Below :

Download : Black Coffee – Muye (Remix)

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