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Mzambiya On Making R14 Million Throughout His Musical Career

Mzambiya on fame and fortune.

Mzambiya On Making R14 Million Throughout His Musical Career. Kwaito star Mzambiya revealed the amount of money he has made in the industry which is a R14 Million and how he manages his finance. Mzambiya has been in the industry for over 20 years, he became a child star that a large number of people admired which might be the reason why he has made such huge amount as a musician.

“I think I’ve made over R14-million,” he said in an interview on Metro FM with Rams Mabote.

The Wawungakanani hitmaker explained that he’s taken it upon himself to speak to young people about making sound financial decisions. He said a lot of money was lost through the contracts he signed with record labels and music video producers who would give him “certain percentages” from the work.

“You understand that contracts and things like that can really be complicated at times.

“You know if there’s someone that can come and pay for your video and all of those things and afterwards they give you a certain percentage that suits them and I think that’s how we might have lost some of the money.”

The kwaito artist said he’s now in a better place financially and gave credit to God and people who have guided him over the years.

“To be honest with you it has not always been fruity. There were times when I had nothing, lost everything and had to get myself back again but by the grace of God you will survive you know and your talent will put you closer to greatest people,” Mzambiya said.

Mzambiya was recently reunited with the guys at Bull Dawgs records who discovered him in 1998 and is currently working on another collaboration with Msawawa.

Their song is called iMoto Ka Shukela.

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