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Arthur Mafokate And Radio Host Owen Ndlovu Entangled In Money Drama

Arthur takes Ndlovu to court

Arthur Mafokate And Radio Host Owen Ndlovu Entangled In Money Drama. According to SundayWorld Kwaito star & businessman Arthur Mafokate is feuding with Radio Host Owen Ndlovu for a large amount of money he allegedly failed to pay back.

The two are set to attend the South Gauteng High Court on June 19th over the R500 000 that Mafokate allegedly invested in Ndlovu’s company, Michael Owen Productions CC, which produces the SABC Summer Song of the Year Awards.

According to court documents seen by Sunday World, a portion of the funds was supposed to be paid to the SABC and Mafokate was supposed to get a share of the net revenue arising from the awards.
Ndlovu was supposed to pay Mafokate no later than June the 30th last year. When he failed to pay – Mafokate decided to take him to court.

However, Ndlovu rubbished the non-payment claims.

“I have not received a letter of demand from Mafokate or his lawyers. The letter of demand which was supposed to have been sent to me was sent to a wrong email address. But that is not a big issue. The big issue here is that Mafokate must write me a letter of resignation from the project and thereafter the arbitrator should advise me what to do next.

“I don’t want to have a situation where I pay him the money and he still claims to be a 50% shareholder in the project.”
Ndlovu said: “I don’t want to dent the reputation of the project by working with people who are accused of being women bashers.”

Source : SundayWorld

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