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Tweezy On How S.A Hip Hop Artists Fail To Support Each Other

Tweets joins the debate of musicians constantly bringing each other down.

Tweezy On How S.A Hip Hop Artists Fail To Support Each Other. It’s no hidden fact that in a Hip Hop industry there’s always agendas amongst artists, if they not beefing then they competing. A recent tweet by Major League DJz stated that the music industry is now more about money and competition more than it is about entertainment and helping in grooming societies through music.

Tumelo Thandokuhle Mathebula famously known as Tweezy who is an award-winning record producer and rapper said that artists who’ve succeeded in breaking boundaries don’t bother in helping blossom young and unrecognized talented individuals. He went on to tweet that there’s a segregation between established and upcoming artists.

“There’s so much segregation in the Rap game. Major artists mize the underdogs till the underdogs are on top…then all of a sudden they wanna work with you. So much they will be close to harassing them to make it happen. So sad.” Tweezy Tweeted.

Recently, DJ Speedsta had called out other acts including Frank Casino and Shane Eagle; accusing them of snubbing him after several requests he made to get to feature them on his upcoming album.

“By the way, I’m not complaining nor am I being subjective. It just bothers me that we expect the fans to support us when we can’t even support each other. Tricky.” Concluded Tweezy in his tweet.

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