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Fifi Cooper On Getting Over The Feud With AE & Flourishing Her Stable

Fifi on getting through it all

Fifi Cooper On Getting Over The Feud With AE & Flourishing Her Stable. After making headlines for being in battle with former label Ambitiouz Entertainment and being rescued by EFF Fifi Cooper has come forward to speak of how she is in a good space and is focused on making best of her new record label Mo’Cooper.

” I have been great, honestly, I am now focusing on my record label, even though it was difficult with me going through the whole court thing and because it happened in the public, it was really draining because it took so long, it drained me financially, emotionally, it was just too much for me,” she explained.

She further spoke on the help she got from EFF and her son who she says is her sole responsibility.

“The EFF helped me and now I have my freedom back, that’s why I felt like I need to drop something for my fans, it’s been like a while and what has been motivating me to keep pushing and never give up is because I have a son, he is 5-years-old now and I just can’t be in Joburg and not be working, so even though I went through the court case, a lot of people did not want to book me for events because they did not want to get involved, people were really like:, “nah, we are not trying to vibe with you.” she said.

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