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Amanda Black Tells All About Her Separation From Ambitiouz Entertainment

Amanda opens up.

Amanda Black Tells All About Her Separation From Ambitiouz Entertainment. During an interview on Metro FM with DJ Fresh Amanda opened up about more reasons why she separated from AE expressing how she acted when things went down South.

“I go home. It is hard to think in the city. It is very hard to have clear thoughts and make the right decisions. It gets very confusing. When it goes really really tough and I don’t know what to do, I go home.”

She said that she was unsure of how her battle with the company would pan out but just wanted to sing.

“I just want to continue with my career. I just want to sing that is it. Whatever happens now, I want to come out being able to sing my songs. I want to be able to record and release new music. I want to share what I have. This journey that I am on, I am meant to be on. All the hardships that I am going through right now I understand that they are meant for me. I am supposed to go through them.”


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