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Kwaito Star, Bricks “Mabrigado” Might Be Behind Bars But He Is Also Happily In love

Kwaito Star, Bricks “Mabrigado” Might Be Behind Bars But He Is Also Happily In love – Bricks, Mabrigado, Kwaito star and convicted rapist, real name Sipho “Brickz” Ndlovu has been sentenced 15 years in Jail.

Well, even though he is incarcerated that does not mean he cannot be in love right? It happens that the Kwaito star is contentedly in love with a hip-hop lyricist.

According to Sunday World, it has been unearthed that an aspiring artist by the name of Cazo Cas has been linked to Bricks for the estimation of three years. It is reported the two are smitten that the lady was residing with Brick’s family in Soweto, this information was brought forth by one of Bricks family.

“We are thankful that she didn’t turn her back on him, like many people have done. We are grateful for her support. She held on with love,” – family member wishes to be unidentified

Now the announcement of their love affair, which has been maintained, privately, ushered following pictures of the couple embracing each other were made public to Sunday World by a close companion of the couple this week.

The couple is said to have acquanted a year prior to the Sweety My Baby hitmaker began serving his sentence at Krugersdorp prison, their romance thrives despite his time in Jail.

Apparently, they exchange infrequent letters and also do weekly visits. According to the close companion, she pays him a visit in prison almost every Sunday.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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