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Mshoza Opens About Her Calling To Be A Sangoma

Mshoza claims she was born with a gift of being a sangoma.

Mshoza Opens About Her Calling To Be A Sangoma. Earlier this week Kwaito star Mshoza revealed the news that she is currently going through a traditional process of becoming a Sangoma (traditional healer).


TshisaLIVE hooked up with the star where she explained the nature and plans of her calling.


“The calling is something that has always been there. I believe people who have this special gift are born with it, it is not fashion or something that is exciting and everyone can just jump on it if they feel like it,” she said.


She said that she will attend to all the bookings and commitments she made before making the decision id answering her call, however she won’t be open to new gigs with aim of focusing solely on the process.

“I will still be at shows I was booked for but won’t be engaging in certain things while doing igobongo,” she added.


She added that the hardest part of the calling was “accepting” it within herself after putting it off for so long.


“You keep thinking that you have so much to do and now is not the right time but you can only put it off for so long.”

Source : TshisaLIVE

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