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An Update On Amor Vittone’s Appeal Of Joost’s Will

Amor Says She’ll fight till death to find justice suitable for her on Joost's Will

An Update On Amor Vittone’s Appeal Of Joost’s Will. Musician Amor Vittone is adamant on fighting tooth and nail to have what she feels she deserves from Joost’s assets. Joost left Amor only a TV set from all that he had when he passed on.


The songstress feels the Will was manipulated hence an application of an appeal she plans to see till the end.


The Will was changed in 2015 as per request from Joost who could not sign due to the illness he suffered. His brother Pieter and his attorney Ferdinand Hartzenberg said that Joost did not have the ability to sign‚ but signalled his wishes to them.


Amor took to social media late on Monday evening to issue a statement with part which read as follows :


“Amor stepped on loose stones (hit an obstacle) today after losing the court case‚ but her children remain her rock. For them‚ she is going to appeal until death. Blood is thicker than litigation.


“People don’t see things for what they are‚ but rather for who they themselves are. Let me‚ as an outsider colour in the picture for you. When you have seen the whole picture then you can decide if you will be the first one to throw a stone.” Read the statement.

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