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Dr Malinga “Idibala” Inside A Car While Driving

Dr Malinga takes on a dangerous Idibala dance challenge.

Dr Malinga “Idibala” Inside A Car While Driving. The way the Idibala dance of King Monada‘s Malwedhe has dominated even grown on the likes of musician Dr Malinga who was dancing and crazing over it while driving.

Knowing Dr Malinga and his unique way of doing things he didn’t just fall on the ground like most while doing the Idibala dance, instead the man that never sleeps did the challenge in a car while driving which was shocking.

What he did does look like danger but for the man who can throw his leg so high, danger seems like no concern at all.


To add on his energetic nature the star is set to launch a Lingas Energy Drink to keep everyone all awake and energized.

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