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Kid Tini Opens Up About Becoming A Parent At A Young Age

While most famous people prefer to not talk about, acknowledge or own up to the mistakes they did as teenagers, Rapper Kid Tini begged to differ and told it all.

“I feel like we often just sweep things like this under the carpet and that is wrong when you look at all the things teenagers need to go through. If we treat it with such secrecy then it will never stop being taboo. It’s important to talk about it.”

The music said all this in reference to his newly released music video of single Cinga.

“I have always felt like my music needs to have a message. This was about what I have gone through at a point in my life, which is teenage pregnancy.”

He went on to add how he and the girl he impregnated were able to deal with the situation at the time.

“I spoke to the lady. We worked around it. I spoke to her family. It really helped having people around us that were not judgmental but supportive.”

Source : TshisaLIVE

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