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Ntsiki Mazwai calls Helen Zille a – “Deranged, Narcissistic Racist”.

Ntsiki Mazwai calls Helen Zille a – “Deranged, Narcissistic Racist”. – We all know; everyone knows how singer Ntsiki Mazwai has a stadium full of enemies; Helen Zille has been ushered right in the centre with her commentary towards Danny K.

The contentious presenter, without haste, shared her perspective of the premiere of the Western Cape and it was rather savage, reading her commentary had chills running down my spine. Cold and raw! We still remember the Tweet Danny K posted stating “White people lacked empathy towards black people, even though they have enjoyed white privilege for centuries. Everyone had their say on the matter and then when we thought the issue had died down, Ntsiki comes back to assassinate the Premiere. This is what she posted:

@ntsikimazwai Hellen Zille is a deranged, narcissistic racist open wound in SA society……I wish she would go back to the country where she comes from. We don’t want her here. She is damaged.”

I do not wish to be Hellen right now. 

Clearly, the comment she made about Danny K, reminding him to pay attention to his spelling raffled the singer’s feathers. The DA leader ignited deep hate between herself and Ntsiki Mazwai. The exasperated musician, presenter, publicly called Hellen a mad, conceited, self-absorbed racist; “ A reminder (open wound) O.M.G, this is a heavy one, I wonder if the DA Leader will retaliate? Wait, it did not end there; she followed with an enigmatic message “one settler,” no one knows what it means ? All we know it is provocative.

Maybe nothing will be birthed out of this, but it makes you wonder how many people in South Africa remain wounded by the past and do not have the platform to speak out their frustrations. White privilege and Racism is still a crucial predicament awaiting to be dealt with somehow in our country. 

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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