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Brenda Fassie Wanted Her Son To Look After Her “Estate And All Its Affairs”

Brenda Fassie Wanted Her Son To Look After Her “Estate And All Its Affairs” – It is amazing how a mother always knows best. She had the ability to see beyond the future of what might transpire.

The late Brenda Fassie had hopes and dreams that her son would become a lawyer and be able to protect her Estate and everything circulating her music business. She knew people were corrupt and dealing with her finances without truth.

Well, just recently it appears to be the case, following Bongani Fassie Communicated his inclination to produce a biography of her mother’s life and share it with the rest of South Africa. His wish to bring Brenda’s life memories on screen is something we as South Africans have been longing for and Bongani wanted to make that happen. Although, his mother’s manager before she died, Chicco Twala opposed the idea.

This is the video shared by @KatlehoMK

Chicco Twala, who has exclusive rights to Brenda Fassie’s top classics felt the Film would be pointless without the usage of some of the most top music Brenda produced. He took Bongani to court and attempted to put the idea of a movie made to a halt. In the end, he was able to win the battle.

When fans saw the video shared on social media by @KatlehoMK 

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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