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Duncan Release’s Brand New Track Titled “Sikelela”

Duncan Release’s Brand New Track Titled “Sikelela” – Duncan the rapper is back, it has been a minute since he dropped any hits for his fans. The “Tsiki Tsiki” hitmaker has currently emancipated his brand new track titled “Sikelela” which attributes the vocals from Ischathamiya group.

We have been familiarised with the iconic rapper for his heartfelt and creative lyrical content. This, linked with his organic skill for creating a narrative that has flair.
His song Sikelela is putting a spotlight on the social ills affecting people in our communities.

He still has loyal fans:

In the contemporary track he delves into the consciousness of our surroundings and he takes us back, reminds us of his abilities to spit bars. What is it in his content that conveys the everyday struggles of the average South African? He is not shy to reveal and vocalise matters that are not mentioned in our everyday media and he does it with eloquence. Social predicaments such as unemployed graduates who turn to street vendors selling sweets. And also the church corruption of pastors leading under false pretence are his core subjects.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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