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Reason Plans To Drop Four Music video’s For His Fans

Reason Plans To Drop Four Music video’s For His Fans – Get ready South Africa, Hip-Hop rapper Reason ushered to his social page on the 15th of April 2019, he inquired from his fans which of the singles dropped are most deserving for visuals.

Reason primarily publicised the status that he was organising a venture of executing four motion pictures for tracks extracted on the 2018 studio album “Azania”. The second fraction of his commitment with his plethora of followers, trying to discover what audio they prefer to see come to life.

It has not been long since the album has been released, it has been emancipated six months ago. Not much has circulated of the album since its release, in terms of the marketing strategy. He has since released one single from the album titled “Azania” in April 2018 prior to the actual release of the album. 

Well, fans have communicated their joyful state on the revelation that the rapper is organising the execution of many motion picture’s from his studio album. The fans have been taking part in and assisting the rapper in selecting the best four songs. Now when you go through the commentaries three songs such as. “Nkosi Yam, it is the initial track on the album” Cashely Society attributing Ginger Trill and “Azania,” which is the third single of the album. 

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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