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Rouge Shares Her Humour With A Fan

Rouge, real name Deko Barbara – Jessica Wedi, is our beloved South African Hip – hop rapper. Her establishment in the rap game came about at the age of 18 years. Her origins can be traced back from Congo, but she was bred in South Africa, she can also speak French.

She has always stated it was never easy becoming a rapper, but it was her ultimate dream and it came true.

It’s good to learn she has an incredible sense of humour, the multiple award-winning rapper ushered to social media to share a screen grab of a fan who expressed to have an “insane crush” on her and wishes to be given an opportunity of 20 minutes to spend time with the star. This is what the caption said:
“Yoh Rouge, I have got the craziest, most insane crush on you, please allow a nikuur to take you out to at least Mc Dz, just asking 20 minutes of your time Miss Rouge”

How cute, she responded saying; I mean.. At least he’s paying for the macdeez right????? lol “

 at least he is willing to pay for the meal, L.O.L, at least she read the humour within the text and fans were enjoying the humour with her. 

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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