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Cici’s Fashion Sense Has Us Taking Notes

Cici’s Fashion Sense Has Us Taking Notes – Busisiwe Edith Thwala, prominently known as Cici, is a distinguished singer and a fierce dancer, her contribution to the South African pop music genre has been vivid and celebrated.

If you can still recall, she was previously involved with Arthur Mafokate, who she launched assault charges due to his intent to do grievous bodily harm, to which he pleaded not guilty.  

Although life seems to be transforming, she has been releasing good music and getting support from fans. Her Glow up is amazing, she looks amazing. her fashion sense and her sexy body have fans wiggling their tongues. She is constantly serving us with her fashion looks and we can take tips on how to look fresh every day. 

Take a look at some of her exquisite fashion moments:

Her two-piece, figure-hugging attire looks breathtaking along with a beautiful smile.

Her traditional attire, sleeveless, with the touch of the belt around her waist, looks incredible and her jewellery seals the deal. Don’t forget the hair, it also plays as an accessory.

The brown boots and the matching jackets just seal the deal with the whole outfit, casual but sexy.

Pink Poloneck top and matching boots, my, my, this look is clean and provocative while keeping it classy. She is just slaying us!

She just knows how to coordinate her colours, the mastered jersey matching with the highlighted “P” on the cap. Also, the cap matching the boots. An in those jeans, she looks, yummy!

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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