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Details! Mobi Dixion Responds To Allegations Against The Death Of Nichume, This Is What He Had To Say

Details! Mobi Dixion Responds To Allegations Against The Death Of Nichume, This Is What He Had To Say – Mobi Dixion was trending yesterday, prior to the memorial service of the late House Vocalist that took place on the 12th of June 2019 at the Assemblies of God church in Sandton, Johannesburg. 

This follows a thread that claims the family holds him accountable for the decision made by their daughter to take her life. Also, accusations of him mishandling her finances and failing to compensate her royalties.

If you can still recall Nichume was discovered lifeless after an “Apparent Suicide.” This was officially announced by her record label Top Chap Media. Now, in the released thread Mobi Dixion was linked and exposed to have exploited Nichume during their professional relationship. Check the thread below for accurate details:

As you have observed @AdvBarryRoux alleges that Mobi allegedly failed to register her with Samro, to allow her to receive her royalty funds from the songs they produced together.

I mean we all witnessed on social media Mobi Dixion issuing a statement confirming Nichume’s death and also sharing how the whole ordeal has affected him on a personal, and it seemed sincere.

The intriguing fraction of the story is that Mobi Dixion was not given a platform to pay tribute at her memorial on Wednesday. Now, this raise’s questions on the statement released by @AdvBarryRoux on twitter. Rather, his company issued a statement recognising the allegations against him and stated, he would like to hold his peace and the company as a whole on the matter as the family has requested.

“We are aware and deeply saddened by the allegations against Top Chap Media and our CEO Mobi Dixon by Nichume’s family. We will respect the wishes of the family and refrain from making any further statements or comments about Nichume.”

What is pivotal, their focal point is “giving her a dignified send-off” and they will engage on the matter after the funeral.

“In respect for the deceased and honouring her legacy, we believe the main priority now should be giving her a dignified send-off. We will issue further communication on this matter in due course after the funeral.”

If you further read the statement, it attaches that those at the company were still sorrowing Nichume’s loss and presented their sympathy and prayers to the late star’s family, friends and fans.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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