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TOP 5 Iconic KWAITO Songs That Are Still On Fire In 2019

TOP 5 Iconic KWAITO Songs That Are Still On Fire In 2019 – The Kwaito genre is absolute a South African genre which transpired in Johannesburg in the early ‘90s.

The DJ’s are taking approved house songs of the time and decelerate them on the turntable, this new rhythm became the foundation for the new genre, permitting vocalists to rap and sing on top of the mid-tempo beats.

The appearance of the genre concur with the birth of the South African democratic republic and automatically became the soundtrack for the “new” South Africa. The genre is deep-rooted in the minds and souls of many South Africans and to this day is renowned as a big part of South African culture.

  1. Sister Bettina

In the year 2005, a young Mgarimbe worked on a song over Fruity Loops track produced by his friend Jabu Mgeni. apparently, he was uncomfortable by the dirty lyrics, the following day he decides to toss it away. Fortunate that was not the case, 15 years later, Sister Bettina is as beloved as ever – South Africa’s unofficial national anthem.

2. Alaska – Accuse

Found by Kalawa Jazmee head honcho Oskido, Alaska utilised their socially conscious lyrics to reveal an image of the post-apartheid music scene. Comprising of Lucky Mlakana, Thabo Tsotetsi, Les Ma-ada, Andrew Moloisane, and Sphiwe Picat, their music amalgamated house and dance influences with South African languages like isiXhosa, isiZulu, Sepedi and Sesotho to create their multi-tribal kwaito sound.

3. Boom Shaka – It’s About Time

Introducing kwaito, the band Boom Shaka are one of South Africa’s most triumphant kwaito bands of their time, they emancipated their first single “It’s About Time” in 1993. With members, Junior Sokhela, Theo Nhlengethwa, Thembi Seete and the late Lebo Mathosa. After that Boom Shaka’s music became the soundtrack to the newly democratic republic of South Africa for many young people.

4. Bongo Maffin – Thathi Sgubhu

We cannot deny the 90s is without a doubt considered to be the greatest musical era for Mzansi‚ if you don’t agree, I don’t know what rock you have been living in, and if you agree‚ then join the club, you will also know just how much of a jam Bongo Maffin’s hit song Thath’ is’ghubu. It still the jam for 2019

5. Mandoza – Nkalakatha

Mandoza created bangers for South Africa, so, when the musician behind it tragically died at the age of 38 following a struggle with brain cancer, Nkalakatha was likely the first tune that came to mind for many.

Although, prior to his death this is what he had to say about the song.

I’m so sick of that song, so sick of performing it,” the father of four told IOL.” I’ve performed it for 11 years. Don’t get me wrong: I’m grateful for its success, but I really don’t like performing it anymore.”
South African’ differs, we are still in love with Nkalakhatha.

Well, we still love it!

Written By: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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