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Watch! Kelly Khumalo Claps Back To Trolls “Izinja Aziyikhonkothi Imoto Emile”

Watch! Kelly Khumalo Claps Back To Trolls “Izinja Aziyikhonkothi Imoto Emile” – Kelly Khumalo has been trending ever since mentions of arrest took place by tabloids, stating that the Senzo case is close to a conclusion due to four people, some of them being celebrities will be facing arrest.

As per usual the mention of Senzo’s name, Kelly Khumalo has become the trend on these twitter streets. She is not cringing nor shrinking to any threads, trolls or pessimistic commentaries. She is proving to the world she is stronger than their anticipation.

This follows her statement released on the matter of Senzo case, in which she retaliated and boldly stated she will not be accused of the death of her daughter’s father. She made a clear statement ” She will fight,” people did not take that lying down.

It has been a part on social media, tweeps dragging Kelly Khumalo down accusing her of murder, defeating justice by withholding the truth. She declares her demeanour is what they cannot deal with or comprehend. They take time to talk about her to attempt to demean her but each time they fail. She remains a strong woman.

I don’t know how she does it, she always manages to hold her head high regardless of what happens to her. I hope in the end justice is served, so the innocent can walk free and the guilty can serve time.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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