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Finally, Ntsiki Mazwai & Pearl Thusi Settle Their “Beef”

Finally, Ntsiki Mazwai & Pearl Thusi Settle Their “Beef” – Ntsiki Mazwai did not see eye to eye with Pearl Thusi, although, it looks like she has finally seen a different side to her that she was not introduced to prior to the clash.

If you can still recall in May when Ntsiki went on to call Pearl Thusi Obnoxious, and Pearl Thusi clapped back with a thread on the lack of self-love Ntsiki Mazwai has and pointed it out that she needed some love in her life to stop dragging other women down.

When the colourism incident surfaced, Pearl Thusi went ballistic. Weeks have passed, since the shade that trended on on social media, and we all know how Ntsiki has always bashed yellow bones who get the privileges for being light-skinned. Pearl Thusi and Ntsiki Mazwai appear to have settled their difference.

Now, the turn around of events was astonishing to fans when Pearl Thusi publicly announced Ntsiki Mazwai on her show for showing concern to Cici through her traumatic situation of abuse in the hands of Arthur Mafokate.

Well, Clearly, that was received well by Miss Mazwai as she ushered to social media to show her appreciation to Miss Thusi for her efforts her self introspection.

“You have been pitting me up against my industry little sisters for way too long. You use my tweets mischievously and create a trail of distraction for me. Stop,” she wrote.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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