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Ntsiki Mazwai’s N*DE Photo Re-Surfaces On Social Media That She Did For A Rape Campaign Against Women Violence

Ntsiki Mazwai’s N*DE Photo Re-Surfaces On Social Media That She Did For A Rape Campaign Against Women Violence – We all know, South Africa is saturated with the highest rates of Violence Against Women.

It appears we are encountering a predicament with the way our men associate with our women. The observation is that our men give an impression of being without foundational respect for women.

A Twitter User took to social media to tag Ntsiki Mazwai on a photoshoot campaign with Marie Claire, although printed by Sowetan, she did the campaign when she was 27 to speak against rape, violence against women and children.

She is now a 33year old woman when she was 27 she was part of a campaign where she stripped naked and took an image to take a stand against rape.

The picture was shocking, it was controversial and it was courageous. It was the kind of image that was exposed but said unconventional, communicating a message that: being naked does not consent to sex.

She responded proudly to the image:

Women are often blamed for how they dress.

Responsibility and blame has shifted from the rapist to women.

It’s women’s fault that they get raped.

That image where I am naked and looking fierce –

‘I’m naked……

Am I asking to be raped?’

In one of her previous statements released in her defence, she stated that she was miss understood for what she stood for concerning the image. The manner in which the image was circulated was not benefiting to the cause but rather turned to a money scheme greedy sales plan.

This is what she had to say concerning the manner in which the image was shared and received:

According to the statement that was released by Ntsiki Mazwai in 2014 this is what she had to say:

Sowetan did not use its platform to empower black men and women about Rape and women’s bodies. Instead, it started a journey of confusion for our youth that continues to this day. Our youth don’t know what that picture stood for or what it was saying.

“Journalists from the Sowetan positioned the picture in an undignified, crass and immature manner. For the sake of pushing sales, they compromised ALL of society.”

As a result, every time they engage negatively with that picture, they don’t even realise the impact it’s having on rape survivors.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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