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Watch! Zakes Gets A Taste Of Our Own Mzansi “TMZ” And Talks About His Upcoming Music

Watch! Zakes Gets A Taste Of Our Own Mzansi’s “TMZ” And Talks About His Upcoming Music – The Durban-based music, producer, dancer mogul Zakhele Madida, prominently known, Zakes Bantwini, is best known as the man who discovered kwaito sensation L’vovo Derrango.

Although, his extraordinary achievements can be dated far back, beyond signing new talent. With numerous albums under his belt, the first live House DVD in South Africa, as well as scooping winner of the Best Male Award at the 10th METRO Music Awards in 2011 and winner of the Most Gifted Video of the Year Artist at the Channel O Awards in 2011, Zakes is a musical extraordinaire.

He has released his contemporary work  of art titled ” Freedom”

Zakes Bantwini feeds on his new launch of Freedom, this platform has designed a chance for numerous music producers, a vocalist and topline writers. He gave a moment for others to demonstrate their skills to enter his Freedom competition.

So, he took to social media to share visual, for what appears to be our own TMZ highjacking an interview on the streets of Braam. In his brief interview, he mentioned, there will be new music coming out and reminded us of the already emancipated music “Freedom”

Check the visuals below:

Didn’t know Braam had TMZ now ?

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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