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Watch! Black Coffee Learns A Great Deal From His Son’s Journey “Anesu”

Watch! Black Coffee Learns From His Son’s Journey “Anesu” – DJ Black Coffee took to social to share visuals of his young son “Anesu” journey in racing carting.

Black Coffee explains his son has a love for racing carting and his been on these journey for about four years. When you observe the video, you can see his son having a conversation with his friend on the experiences of the track. and what this means to him.

“Racing is about overtaking and winning”…translation: ” Life is about getting there no matter what and win”.

Black Coffee is captivated by his son’s resilience, and push in what he loves the most. He has the never giving up the spirit, which is what we all need in all sphere’s of this life.

Anesu in 2017#Anesujourney

Anesu ‘s been go kart racing for almost 4 years now and wants to become a F1 driver one day. Focus and Dedication is some of the few things I’m learning from my son.#anesusjourney

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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