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Lol, Watch! Vusi Nova & Somizi Attempting To Start A Band

Lol, Watch! Vusi Nova & Somizi Attempting To Start A Band – It’s no secret that Somizi Mhlango aka Somgaga has a very expensive taste and his circle of friends surely do know that. 

Do you still remember when Somizi took to Instagram to expressed how grateful he was and said he will be rocking the shoes for the SAMA awards back in 2017.

The Award-winning RnB musician Vusi Nova surprised Somizi with a pair of Gucci Sneakers to congratulate him then for getting SAMAS gig.

Vusi ushered to Instagram recently to share visuals to his fans of the two gathered with others chilled outside a hanging out place and enjoying themselves. So, they tried a hymn and sang simultaneously.

Somizi then insisted he is the “Beyonce” of the group and wants to take the lead, it was not quite clear who was taking the place of Kelly and who was Michelle, lol, we are sure that this is yet to be revealed.

Check out the clip below:

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This group would never work, too many Beyoncé’s in it!!!😆🤦🏽‍♂️

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