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Watch! Amanda Black Reminds Us To Be Proud Of Our African Hair

Watch! Amanda Reminds Us To Be Proud Of Our African Hair – Afro Rockstar” sensation Amanda Black is back with a story of triumph and self-acceptance.

Amanda Black, who dropped her latest album, Power, last Friday is performing at the V&A Waterfront on Friday.

Her sophomore album comes after a three-year hiatus. She said the past three years have been a difficult journey and this album is a reflection of that experience.

Now, on the album, there is a song titled “Afrika,” a song that speaks of the pride an African should uphold concerning their hair and melanin. To not deter or be ashamed of the shade of your skin or texture. You are an African and that should be enough for you.

Black women often experience a very different version of the workplace compared to their white — or even non-Black people of colour — counterparts. These dynamics are particularly pronounced when it comes to hair.

Today, the natural hair movement means that more Black women than ever are embracing their natural hair textures, which often means routinely switching up their aesthetics and using protective styles, like wigs, twists, and braids. Unfortunately, this also means dealing with an influx of unwanted commentary from other people in the office.

Watch the visuals below:

Listen To Afrika below:

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