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Watch! Donald Promises A Suprise With Other Music Stars

Watch! Donald Promises A Suprise With Other Music Stars – His NEWLY emancipated album is a double-disc and is titled Her Name Is.

“Putting this album together has been tough, a lot of pain went in making this project but the music kept me and my team alive and enthusiastic to come up with something fresh, real & authentic”, he said. 

Known for hits like “Rain Drops”, “Landela” and “I Deserve”, Donald said that important themes in the album are loneliness, regret, past reflections and self-realization. “I did not have a clear idea of what I wanted, I just made the music and when I was halfway in it is when the vision became clear in terms of what the album was about. I just allowed it to be as organic as possible,” said Donald. 

Donald said that the album is definitely a celebration of his 10-year journey in the music industry as a solo artist, and also a celebration of his journey in love.

He took to social media to share visuals of behind the scenes of stars such as Ami Faku, Ntsika, just to name a few, it is unclear to what the visuals connotate. Perhaps it is a new music video or a campaign, well, we will wait for Donald to tell us more in time.

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