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Simphiwe Dana Slams the Polygamy Show “Mnakwethu”: This Is Not **cking PolyGamy”

Simphiwe Dana Slams the Polygamy Show “Mnakwethu”: This Is Not **cking PolyGamy” – Simphiwe Dana has become one of those exasperated individuals watching Mnakwethu that have bashed the purpose of the show.

She discovered a disturbing pattern of the male participants appearing to misrepresent the traditions circulating polygamy to fit their greedy, promiscuous lustful desires.

The multifaceted musician ushered to Twitter to share her thoughts on the matter. She suggests the show was completely mortifying women for entertainment and no one is touched and prepared to rectify that error.

“Is Mnakwethu the African tradition hill y’all are willing to die on? I say y’all because it could never be me. Women being humiliated like this could never have my stamp of approval. I can’t even believe that it’s being flighted. Surely we have rights as women.”

Simphiwe explicated that as a “village girl” herself, she comprehends what the polygamous lifestyle was all about and was not opposing the culture itself.

The reason behind her grievance is the manner in which the show portrays men who are utilising culture to usher woman they had been cheating on their wives with to their wives.

“I’m not against polygamy. I’m a village girl. But this is not f**king polygamy. It’s greed, pure and simple,” she fumed.

“Polygamy is only warranted for two reasons: 1. You are rich and have lots of land that needs to be overseen. 2. Your wife cannot bear your children. And in both instances your wife chooses your second wife, in cahoots with her mother-in-law.”

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