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Watch! J’Something Pays Tribute To Uyinene’s Memory With A Song Dedication, Read Full Statement:

Watch! J’Something Pays Tribute To Uyinene’s Memory With A Song Dedication, Read Full Statement: – Also, Buhle in the previous year, 2019, was Haunted By A Song Titled “Uyinene” Inspired By The Student Who Was Raped And Killed.

The Soil muso turned solo artist Buhlebendalo Mda has narrated a single in the recollection of the late Uyinene Mrwetyana.

Luyanda Botha, after murdering Uyinene Mrwetyana, left her body overnight in the safe of the Clareinch Post Office, collecting it the next day and setting it alight.

This is according to the summary of facts accompanying the indictment handed up in the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, where the case against the former post office employee was transferred to the Western Cape High Court.

So, according to the State, on August 8, Mrwetyana had enquired about the delivery of clothes she had ordered online. Botha had allegedly assisted her. He said her parcel was not ready and that he would contact her when it arrived.

They exchanged contact details. Mrwetyana’s delivery arrived on August 16. The State charges that Mrwetyana arrived at the post office on August 24 after it had been closed for business. Botha had been there alone and let her in and that is when she met her demise.

So, J’Something took to social media to share a lengthy statement explaining what led him to take action and write a song for the deceased.

Read the statement below:

A song I wrote for Uyinene Mrwetyana ...

Last year I wrote this song when a girl whom I didn’t know tragically passed away and left all of us in shock and filled the nation with sadness. I had no idea what to do that day and the days following … then there was the xenophobic attacks around the same time and I felt so useless not knowing how to get involved and we tried to speak about it and post things etc which I knew wouldn’t really help the situation.

One night out of frustration and deep sadness I got into the studio to express myself and did this song. I never released it last year out of fear of sharing … unsure of how it would land and worried about people’s opinions. Today I would like to present to you with this song and pay tribute not only Uyinene, but so many others that are being killed daily.

I know this song too doesn’t solve anything but I would like to use my gifts to shine light on something I believe should’ve never happened and something that as a South African really shattered my heart … #ripuyinenemrwetyana I would also like to thank my goodness friend @tabzunderground for mixing and mastering this song and also to my friend @mot_micasa for playing trumpet.

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