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The Kiffness Will Not Be Boycotting The Greenmarket Square concert Following Refugee Evictions

The Kiffness Will Not Be Boycotting The Greenmarket Square concert Following Refugee Evictions – The Kiffness’s David Scott does not seem to be budging into cries to boycott a free concert in Cape Town’s Greenmarket Square on Thursday, following the eviction of refugees from the area at the weekend.

It was reported earlier this week that refugees were evacuated from the square by law-enforcement officers on Sunday after a court order allowed the city to enforce its bylaws by removing the group and its structures. According to the refugees, they explained xenophobia was putting their lives at risk and they wanted to be transported to another country. This was disclosed by an unidentified refugee from the group this week.

It is now known to be an area now that has become a nest of disagreement for numerous weeks and the Initial Thursdays of Free Concert came under careful examination for opting to host its concert in the square.

A fraction of fans applauded concert organisers for attempting to resuscitate tourism and business in the area, others differed and saw as a way of celebrating the refugees leaving.

In a much detailed statement on Facebook, The Kiffness explained it had agreed to perform at the gig, although, as soon as fans saturated his social media with messages concerned and asking why, he needed to take a step.

David called a journalist who covered the story of the refugees, Cape Town premier Alan Winde and Reverend Alan Storey, who is housing 300 refugees at the Central Methodist Mission in Cape Town.

After several discussions David decided to push ahead with the gig.

The bottom line is that this concert in no way affects the refugees now living in the church or those now living on Albert Street. It’s First Thursdays Cape Town and encouraging people to get out and enjoy the streets has always been what First Thursdays has been about.

When I first accepted this gig, I was excited because I love playing First Thurdays. It was business as usual. But…

Posted by The Kiffness on Wednesday, March 4, 2020

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