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TNS Regrets Accusing Durban People For Using Muthi On Him!

TNS Regrets Accusing Durban People For Using Muthi On Him! House music producer and Deejay Nkazimulo Ngema known as “NTS” regrets accusing people from Durban for using muthi on him.

The apology comes after TNS posted a video of himself on Instagram, saying people are trying to ruin his career using muthi. This was not the first time the star felt unsafe and becomes the talk of social media streets, following the clip that went viral two months ago, where a group of men verbally attacked him for buying a brand new car while his family was allegedly “falling apart”.

“They try to do all these bad things so that I should quit, so that I give up, so that I become paralyzed, so that in the end, I’ll be unable to make the kind of music that I make for South Africa,” he said.

Many people were not happy about the allegations made by the DJ. Therefore, he took it upon himself and apologized in a local newspaper interview. TNS faulted himself for making such accusations reasoning he was going through a hard time.

“I’m okay now… my fans can stop worrying about me. I was just pouring my heart out. The ending of the video was not my plan at all. It just happened,” TNS said.

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