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The Big Hash’s “High School” Is Finally Here

Dropping out of high school isn’t commonly advised, however, something seems to have worked for The Big Hash. In his latest single, “High School” Hash waxes over an 808x beat about the life he’s living after the leap of faith he took in dropping out of school in pursuit of his dream. 

With the first verse, Kwesta delivers a confident flex about the 10+ year career he’s had over the years. He comments on his chart-topping music, the lessons he learned in the hood, and his journey to becoming the man he is today. 

While The Big Hash’s career hasn’t been as long, his success has been undeniably loaded with highs that one wouldn’t expect from someone who “never finished high school,” as he puts it. Throughout the 5-minute joint, ‘Young Biggie’ tells the story of his life as a young artist in South Africa’s music industry. “High School” is candid and reflective, a consideration of The Big Hash’s success after his 2017 foray into the music industry. 
The Big Hash stands out as the most prolific musician of his generation carrying the torch for new schoolers and annihilating conventions created in urban culture.
‘Young Biggie” is masterful in how he approaches music and takes melody-driven Hip-Hop to an unprecedented upper-level, with a style that lives between singing and rapping. He exhibits to be an artist with range and an impeccable song-writing skill.
Far from being a typical high school dropout, the Pretoria native has more to offer – not only to Hip-Hop but to the global music scene as a whole.

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