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Moonchild Sanelly Bags Herself A Reality Show On MTV

Moonchild Sanelly Bags Herself A Reality Show On MTV. Moonchild Sanelly has managed bag herself a reality show that will be premiered on MTV. The musician will get to show her fans a front row seat to her life as she tells her story her way. The star spoke with Daily Sun and said the reality show is titled ‘Moonchild Woza’ and will be airing in the coming months. Shooting for the show has already begun and she said it has been amazing.

The “Makhe” hitmaker mentioned that she was not really up for the idea of having a reality show, however as time went by she became more welcome to the idea as she wants people to get to know the real her and what better way than a reality show to do so.

“It wasn’t an easy decision to bare my whole life to the country, but I believe this is a great opportunity for me to tell my own story the way I’d love for it to be told. Although I love twerking and being dramatic on stage, there’s more to me and people will actually get to see I work very hard to get the opportunities I have,“ said Moonchild.

Moonchild said there is more to her than being a twerker on stage, as she will also be sharing more of her person life including the side that she is gay and has a girlfriend. “They’ll meet my family, kids, as well as my girlfriend,“ she confirmed. The star also mentioned some of her future plans: “The one thing I’m looking forward to now is being part of the Grammy Awards soon.”

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